Saturday, September 18, 2010

Moms Jam Tarts....

Grandma used to make delicious jam tarts with the left over pie dough..
Everyone loved them especially grandpa...
I loved them so much that I started including them in all our big meals..
But now....... I just buy the pie crust that is already made..
There are many to choose from, but our family likes
frozen Marie Callenders the best
sooooo easy
thaw at room temperature
then let crust roll out of pan onto cookie sheet (it will be upside down)
then push down easy and fill with favorite jam. Fold over so the two edges meet. It looks like 1/2 a circle..or make little tarts.
finger press the edges or use fork
sprinkle the top of dough with milk and sugar..bake @ 350 for around 15 min. or until light brown

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