Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Don't Eat This. It's Laundry Soap.

So, I'd never heard of- or thought of-
homemade laundry detergent! ? ! ?
Several weeks ago, a friend of mine posted a recipe
on Facebook which looked super-duper easy peasie.
As soon as my bottle of detergent was empty,
I made my own laundry detergent.
(Still now, just saying/typing this sentence makes me
feel like I'm pretending to be someone else...
I'm SO not a DIY-er.)
It is pretty dang AWESOME!
It took less than an hour,
cost less than $10 dollars,
and will make 40+ gallons of liquid soap.
(5 gallons at a time, or less/more if you like).
I made my first batch just over 2 months ago, and
still haven't had to make more.
This has saved us a ton of $$$, and it has been totally worth it.
-Though I will admit, I may consider trying the powder version too-
I've seen that recipe, which is similar, but haven't tried it yet.-
OK, here it is:
What you'll need:
*5 gallon bucket & lid (at ACE this was less than $4
and you won't have to buy one again)
*2 bars of soap (any kind- your detergent will be the
color and scent of this soap, so choose a scent you like)
(on the online recipe, there's a no-scent soap that you can use,
too, and then add essential oils to have it smell however you want)
-I used the white Dial this time, which is a little bland-
I may use Irish Spring next time cuz I love that smell ;)
*1 box Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soap
*1 box Borax (both of these ingredients I found at the end/bottom
of the laundry aisle, and each was about 3-4 bucks.
*An empty laundry detergent jug. Or any bowl, jar, etc. you'd like
to keep it in as you use it.
*You may want a 5-gallon size paint stirring stick to mix-
some stores will give one to you free with the bucket.
1. Shred 2 bars of soap any kind and stir into 4 cups water
over med heat until it melts down (this takes some time- the bigger
your soap pieces, the longer it'll take to melt down. My advice is
to shred/grate as small as you can- some people have even used
their food processors for this.)
2. Fill a 5 gallon bucket ½ full and add 1 cup Borax
and 1 cup Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soap
(I did this while I was stirring my soap/water mixture)
3. Add bar soap mixture to bucket, stir and fill the rest
 of the way full with water
4. Let sit overnight. In the morning it'll look like there are
gooey blobs floating around- there are.  Don't freak,
it's supposed to look like that. Stir it up again. 
(You may also use a whisk or even run some through
a strainer to beat up the goo.)
5. This is concentrate. Mix it ½ and ½ with water
(**I mix it about 2/3 concentrate to 1/3 water, just because I wanted to)
in your container/jug voila- laundry detergent for days weeks!
Note: it's not as lovely and smooth as store-bought detergent-
it's a bit lumpy and stuff... but that's how it's supposed to look
and it works like a gem!  I have totally loved it.
Mostly cuz of the  $$$ I'm not spending on soap!


Joe and Marci said...

This is so dang cool!! I can't wait to try it...can in work in front-loaders too?

Brittany said...

i don't know why not... front loaders don't require special detergent from the store right?