Friday, September 10, 2010

Nielsen Stuffing

Buy red or blue pepperidge Farm cubed or regular herbed stuffing. (I like red). For each package use 3-4 Cups water or chicken broth (broth is better) (for my family I use 2-3 pkgs.)
1 square melted butter per pkg.
lots of sage, salt and pepper
2 diced onions
mix together and taste...What does it need? more salt, sage or is it too dry. It really cooks down.
Do you need a little more water.
I put the stuffing into long oblongs of foil and keep in fridge till ready to bake. I put in warm oven and let warm up about 1-2 hours or so before we eat. You don't want to overcook.
This is the best ever stuffing.
Sue's Kitchen


Brittany said...

WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so... my mom made this for thanksgiving (i was busy with chip dip, mac n cheese and pecan bars) and i made this saturday for sunday's christmas dinner! YUM! i love gram's stuffing soooooo much, and there's just... That. Flavor. never had another stuffing taste like it. this is just Freaking Perfection!!! plus, it is the ONLY stuffing that Suka will eat- he loves it! after having it at thanksgiving, he asked me to make it for xmas ;) sooooo delish ;)

Brittany said...

ps- sue, how did your pecan bars turn out?? i swear i can eat the whole pan by myself. not at one sitting, mind you, but alllll byyyyyy myself!